Important Updates

Updated December 8, 2020 at 2 p.m.

We’ve Moved!
Our new location is located at

#1, 7619-50 Ave, Red Deer, AB T4P 1M6


Based on the recent AHS guidelines we are in Phase 2 of opening.

Premier Academy is closely monitoring all federal and provincial guidelines. We are committed to meeting or exceeding them. 

This information is only current at the time of writing and can change daily. For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19, please visit the Government of Canada and Alberta Health websites.

This is a dynamic situation, and we will continue following the recommendations of Alberta Health Services to make the best decisions to ensure the safety and health of our participants and staff.

**With the recent announcement from the AB Govt on Sept 30th, 2012 we are implementing the REP.  Anyone over the age of 18+ that will remain in the facility will be required to show proof of vaccination prior to the event in one of the following ways.**

  • proof of double vaccination.
  • proof of single vaccination must be 14 days prior to coming to event/class/drop-in.
  • Proof of negative covid rapid test ( done 72 hours prior to the event)

Parents/guardians who are dropping off and picking up but not staying for the party are not required to show proof of vaccination.


  • All Premier Academy facilities will undergo an intensive, deep clean, before reopening.
  • We have invested in a spray and AHS Approved disinfectant for each facility to be used in the gym at the end of each day. When combined with our increased touchpoint disinfection and our cleaning program, this will ensure all our facilities receive a comprehensive, thorough cleaning every day.
  • We have an AHS approved disinfectant and contact sanitizer that will be used for frequent touchpoint cleaning throughout our clubs.
  • Our staff have adopted a “constantly cleaning” mind-set, ensuring special attention is always given to high-touch surfaces.
  • Staff and athletes are required to wipe down equipment AFTER each use. To make this convenient, additional spray bottles are strategically placed throughout the facilities.
  • Additional hand sanitizer has been made available at strategic locations throughout the facilities.
  • Closed Amenities:
    • Closure of the lobby and viewing area to parents to minimize capacity in the facilities.
    • Water fountains are only being used for water bottle fill-up stations. Members are encouraged to bring filled water bottles. Each facility will also have bottled water available to purchase.


  • All members are required to complete the Screening Questionaire EVERY DAY prior to attending a class or practice.
  • Athletes will enter through a specified door and exit through a different one to minimize contact between others.
  • Athletes will arrive no more than 10 minutes before their start time before entering the gym (and will only enter when signaled by the coach)
  • Athletes will not be permitted to “hang around” after class – it is up to the parents to be prompt on pick up times
  • All athletes will be required to wash and/or sanitize their hands upon entry into the facility and after participating before exiting the facility.
  • Classes: Social distancing will be maintained between athletes, and equipment will be sanitized before they are used by another athlete.
  • Teams: Social distancing and no stunting will be maintained until cohorts are established.
  • All Premier Academy coaches will be required to wear masks while spotting skills.


  • All parents of Preschoolers will be required to complete the Screening Questionaire EVERY DAY prior to attending a class or practice.
  • Preschoolers will enter/exit through the Preschool Only doors. Parents will be asked to remain outside for drop off and pick up, and children will enter and exit in a staggered manner.
  • All Preschoolers will sanitize or wash hands upon entry to the classroom.
  • No non-essential visitors in the classroom at this time. Parents/guardians are only to enter the classroom if needed and are required to maintain 2m distance between staff and children.
  • Equipment/toys will be cohort/class-specific and only accessible when each specific class is in the classroom.
  • Daily washing and disinfecting of equipment (tables/chairs, door handles, etc) will be done between cohort uses as well as regular disinfecting between activities.
  • Maximum class numbers to keep cohorts small and to avoid congestion in the classroom.
  • Staff will wear masks at all times.
  • Although our sensory bins will be stored away for the unforeseeable future, staff are working hard towards the creation of individual sensory activities that will change throughout the school year. We are striving to provide an enriching, exciting and fun environment all while adhering to AHS Covid-19 guidelines!


In the event that Premier Academy is forced to close its facilities by way of a government mandate, Premier Academy will provide virtual training at the same monthly tuition fee during that period that Premier Academy’s facilities are mandated to close. Alternatively, Premier Academy will provide you the option to suspend your membership during a government-mandated closure of its facilities until the mandated closure is lifted, provided that a fee of $15 per month will be charged as an administrative fee. If you decide to cancel during a mandated closure, a cancellation fee equivalent to one month’s tuition will be charged, and any monthly tuition fee paid for the current month will be non-refundable.